The biggest voice in Australia, Bronwyn Mulcahy has breathed new life into

the band with her powerhouse vocals.

She has sung all over the

world as lead in Cats,

Man of La Mancha, and Andrew Lloyd Webbers Masterpiece DVD from

Hong Kong.

Bronwyn has stolen the show on

the new album with some

blistering and breathtaking performances.

If you do nothing else in

your life , you must

come and hear this

woman sing.

Mark Rohanna Piano and Hammond Organ. A music historian passionate about the Stax music label Formerly with.“The Mauve”, and the influential “Them That Now”.

Mark revs up at the gigs with his magnificent crowd dance routines,

Matt Morrison- Drums

The soulful Backbone of the band. Formerly of The Bondi Gigars, The Mighty Reapers and the Continental Blues Party

Matt is also a fine guitarist

Gentleman Rowan Lane has impressed in early trials, earned a spot on the bench and now joins the starting line up full time. He plays very deep.

Dom Lindsay learnt to play the trumpet while still in his mothers womb....she would tap on her belly and chide lovingly but firmly...  “Andante little one! Andante!” He got her back with a twenty two hour delivery. Dom is also lucky enough to write and arrange for the Wiggles.

Dan Fallon still  nurses  an ambition to  play for

South Sydney in  the

NRL, but  lacks the

kicking game to

further this ambition.

He has however,

tackled  the tenor sax

with gusto especially            

on the new album,

winning the coveted               

JFB solo of the year


John Field. After 25 years as a full time musician, the big guy knows he’s got it right with this superlative band. JF has handpicked his crew, stalking every rehearsal hall and function centre in the country before finding this sparkling combination of musicality and show.

JF wrote the tunes for his old band The Cockroaches, had a hit with “She’s the One”, and a platinum album with the “Cockies” before finding a new musical life with the “John Field Band”. JF is also lucky enough to be able to write songs for the wonderful childrens pop

group “The Wiggles”.

He wrote the musical “Evie and the Birdman”, and has just finished writing his second musical “Who Loves Me?”.

Roy Ferin left home town New York some 15 years ago and has since had a massive impact on the Sydney Jazz scene.

Co - founder of swing

city, Roy has played with Mel Torme, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and James Morrison. Roy has won more MVP’s than any bone player in JFB history.

Photos by Colleen Mcfadden

except for the “horns”