A New Modern Musical

A dying Italian cafe owner’s one last wish is to see his heartbroken daughter happy again.

Sofia Bellini doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to become...the Billboard Girl.

“Who Loves me?”

A Musical Love ‘Whodunnit’

Words and Music by John Field

What is “Who Loves Me?”

A Modern urban pop musical about love,  coffee and the mambo.

Written by 3 time APRA award winning writer John Field.

Who Loves Me? is just newly minted. The music and chord sheets are still strewn across the studio floor, the singers are still in the taxi and yet we’re

releasing it to the public for staging.

Cast: 11 characters (5 female and 6 male), but can be performed with a much larger ensemble if desired.

You will receive more than just the rights of the show. You will get a full backing CD recorded by a 16 piece orchestra (what you hear in rehearsals you'll

hear on Opening Night!), PDF copies of the script, the vocal score sheets and 5 copies of the original CD. Alternatively, full scores are available.

Here is a partial sample script to give you the idea, jump aboard the “Who Loves Me?” experience. Who Loves Me? Sample Script.pdf

The Main Characters:

Sofia Bellini:

Heartbroken 32 year old, home to work in her father's cafe.

Enzo Bellini:

Owner of Bellini's Cafe and loving father, has a serious heart condition, 60 plus years

Michael the Barista:

35 years, secretly in love with Sofia

Carmela the Waitress:

25 years plus, the carer, watches over Sophia and Madeleine.

Madeleine the Waitress:

Feisty passionate actress in her late twenties, her dreams of stardom are slipping away

Curtis the Stockbroker:

In love with Madeleine. tortured by his high IQ, an engaging depressed romantic

Sydney the Stockbroker:

In love with Sofia, courteous and a little reserved, loves the cafe camaraderie

"Snort" the Stockbroker:

19 years, in love with Carmela, keen and young, jumping out of his skin

Julia Miles the Reporter:

Loves her work and is charmed by the ongoing mystery story of 'The Billboard Girl'

Miss Monica:

Dangerously sexy Latin dance teacher in her 40's.

Latin Larry Van de mere:

Tired, uninspired chain smoking Latin dance teacher

HOW CAN I STAGE Who Loves Me? email wholovesme@me.com

We love people putting on our shows and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. We offer a flat fee deal of $2,000. For that you get the rights to stage the show for a maximum 3 week run, you get PDF copies of the script and vocal score sheets and 5 copies of the original CD. On top of that at no extra cost, you get the backing CD recorded live at Caspian Studios Sydney with a 16 piece band.

The wonderful thing about the backing CD is, what you hear at rehearsals, you hear on opening night. No more melt downs at dress rehearsal, the music will be locked in and you can concentrate on staging. Alternatively, full scores are available.

Please note this extraordinary offer is only available to amateur theatrical companies. Professional theatre companies need to contact us and discuss our more standard offer.      wholovesme@me.com