Evie & the Birdman

A new musical ready for staging now!

Welcome to the musical “Evie & the Birdman”. A growing number of music theatre followers have embarked upon the journey you are about to take. “Evie & the Birdman” is into its 13th production in Australia and new Birdman fans are climbing into the nest all the time.

So what is it?

“Evie & The Birdman” is a wild, totally original piece of contemporary music theatre. Dig out the boogie board and dive right in, this show is a breath of fresh air. Music theatre’s equivalent of a day at the beach.

Can two friends survive from a small country town survive all that the

world can throw at them? Strap on your bird feathers, grab some chocolate and take the trip with Evelyn and Lester as they dive head first into all the world can throw at them

From show tunes to ballad, torch songs to tango; this show has a totally original and modern score  that sneaks up on you and wack you will not be able to get these tunes out of your head!


The bottom line is we love people putting on our show. We charge a very agreeable flat fee for the rights to stage it  and we include a whole of extras at no charge to your company.  Upon agreeing to do the show, you get…. a CD of the music from the show, a DVD of the original Bondi Pavilion show,  a backing CD professionally recorded with a 16 piece band, the full script and music score.  The backing CD option is great for the companies that are a bit cash strapped- what you hear at rehearsal you hear on opening night: a fantastic 16 piece band recorded at Caspian Studios Sydney. This is not a midi chintzi CD but a full professional recording with Sydney’s top  musicians.
You get a script, vocal score, CD, DVD, full backing CD and  and/or the full band score the rest is up to you.

Cast: 9 minimum....no maximum! 2 Female leads, 2 male leads....plus chorus  

Click here for a sample of the songs


We can! Your company and your audience will thank you for choosing this fantastic show.